Backstory & Vision

In March 2018, after more than 15 years within the industry as a mediadesigner focused on web-frontend-development and animations, I finally started my own business and founded seliqui e.U. in Graz, Austria.

The main goal is not to compete with the thousands of other web agencies out there, but to provide something new and innovative. Something unique that takes some time, but gets built with passion from scratch and is tailord to the company or product it should represent. Something that doesn't rely mainly on bought templates, stock footage and 2-click-installations.

After backing the first Oculus DK1 on Kickstarter in 2012, I was hooked on VR and how it has the potential of transforming the way we interact with computers in general. Sure, at first everyone was excited to play VR games, but it didn't took long until the question arised what else you could do with VR headsets.

In 2016, I started organizing Virtual Reality Meetups in Graz which gave me insight in a lot of fields where Virtual Reality helps or opens up new possibilities like Medicine, Engineering or Real Estate. And then a friend of mine showed me this new tech called WebVR, which allows you to run VR applications right within the webbrowser.

It seemed like the perfect fit to combine my experience as a web frontend developer and 2D/3D Artist with my fascination on new tech and user interfaces.

But after some research it turned out, that most WebVR applications were still sort of standalone applications.
You'd go to a website, search for whatever you're looking for, start the WebVR experience, do whatever the experience offers you and afterwards you quit back to the website and look for something else. Basically you'd put your headset on & off while navigating through the different applications.
But there were no websites where all the content avaliable on the Desktop/Smartphone screen was also avaliable within the virtual reality.

seliqui e.U. was founded with the vision to be part of those early frontiers, who want to establish the immersive web besides the responsive web.

Right now, the main objective is to set up a working production pipeline for web-projects that also provide a WebVR version where all contents are manageable via a CMS. The first working alpha is avaliable at vr-graz.at but there's still a lot to do.

Until then, the core services are building websites for clients, transform PSD-Layouts into CMS Themes for other agencies and create 2D & 3D animations either alone or as part of a bigger team.

Based on my long lasting focus on new tech & gadgets, I'm always curious in building new tech demos and transform them into something avaliable to my clients. Most of them can be viewd at the case-study-section, where you'll find niche services like Wallpapers, Android Bootup-Sequences or Watchfaces.

Take a look at my services and if you would like to collaborate, get in touch!


Markus Bernsteiner
Founder of seliqui e.U.